Giravolta Outdoor LED Lamp MEDIUM



Giravolta is a wireless lighting distinguished by a contemporary design and suitable for outdoor environments. Two discs in plastic material, the base and the LED diffuser which rotates 360 degrees and directs the light, are surrounded by an arc made in extruded aluminium to create a practical handle. The luminaire incorporates the LED board, the lithium battery, the micro USB device for recharge and the power button. A magnet in the base as optional allows the fixing of the lighting on metal surfaces, even wall.

Design: Alberto Basaglia, Natalia Rota Nodari

Materials: injection moulded plastic material discs; white polycarbonate diffuser; extruded aluminium arc.

Colours: white, black, beige, yellow, orange, sage green.

Height 500 mm. ~ 19.7"

Download Spec Sheet

Type: accessories

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