Gatto / Gatto Piccolo Table Lamp



Named after “cat,” Gatto is a Castiglioni brothers 1960 cocoon creation which sits softly on any table, offering a glowing diffused light.

Table lamp providing diffused light. White powder coated internal steel structure sprayed with a unique "cocoon" resin to create the diffuser which is then protected by a transparent sprayed on finish. On the cable there is the electronic dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness.

Available in 2 sizes.


Gatto - Top width: 15.2" Base width: 5.5" Height:22.8"

Gatto Piccolo - Top width: 8.3" Base width: 4.1" Height:12.2"

Designer: Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Type: Lighting

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