265 - Small Swing Arm Wall Lamp



Seeming to defy gravity, the 265 wall lamp by designer Paolo Rizzatto is in a category all its own. Multi-angle rotatable head and long, adjustable swing arm wall lamp. The lamp head—which rotates 360 degrees so that it can be aimed in any direction—provides a clean, direct light. The body is painted steel, with an adjustable arm and reflector. There is a chrome-plated brass reflector support. The counterweight is tapered cast iron. There is an on/off switch on the socket holder, and a plug in power cord measuring 80 inches.

Originally designed in 1973, Flos introduces a new, colorful edition of 265, a suspended wall lamp designed by Paolo Rizzatto. Almost fifty years, the iconic wall lamp is re-introduced in new colors celebrating the architect's original idea. This new version - for which the word Chromatica has been added to the name - sees color as a design tool rather than a mere decorative element. The palette, consisting of three primary colors, thus becomes the instrument that clarifies each lamp's function. Rizzatto's original design envisaged an association between each element of the 265 and a primary color according to its function: The hat, the most important element, was red. The weight was yellow. The connecting arm was blue.

Perfect for illuminating a dining table or the bedside.

Type: Lighting

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