POINT 2022

by Brittney Trahan February 18, 2022

New year means new colors and collections from POINT.

From the very beginning, when rattan was used, POINT's path has been entwined with design to the introduction of new materials later on. They enthusiastically support Spanish and international designers who have created products that combine beauty, elegance, luxury, and innovation.

POINT has established collaborative relationships with many designers who have lent their talent and ideas to the company's catalog.


The HERITAGE Collection

Mario Ruiz draws inspiration for the Heritage collection from the Point's renowned hand weaving. Additionally, he adapts traditional materials and formats into softer, more fluid and modern languages.

The KHAI Collection

Khai has a strong Mediterranean influence. Khai has a lot of personality thanks to its sculptural shape, the precision of its rope weave, particularly in the curve of the arm, and the perfection of its hand-crafted finish.


The LIS Collection

The key to these two table bases, which POINT Studio developed, is their apparent simplicity, which embodies POINT's philosophy. They are versatile pieces with simple shapes that blend seamlessly into any environment, assisting in creating a stylish, contemporary setting.

POINT has released new colors for the Parallel and Weave Collections

The WEAVE Collection

Our Weave collection embodies the Mediterranean's essence through the weave and texture of its ropes. Inspired by the artisan tradition at the heart of Point, Weave's pieces will captivate you for hours. The Weave Collection is now available with black frame and black rope. So elegant!

The PARALEL Collection

Gabriel Teixido's Paralel collection is serene and timeless. A modern classic that is destined to endure due to its elegance and beauty is noe available in a weathered grey color as well.

Brittney Trahan
Brittney Trahan


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